The Luo Yang Long Ding company formulates the "Metal Marking and Traceability Management Standards" and regulates the metal markings; formulates the "Production Process Card Management Standards" to regulate the filling and storage of production process cards during the production of materials, and records the true situation of products in the production process to ensure the product traceability.
Long Ding Labels despription :
Aluminum Foils wooden cases packing labels instruction :
C  2020   04  13  -  66
“C”- Packing Team C;
“2020” – 2020 year
“04” – April
“66”—the 66th packing wooden case;

Overall Meanings:“The 66th wooden box packed by members of packing team C on April 13, 2020”
Aluminum coils / pallets  packing labels instruction:

E  M   04986  -  A
“M”— the mother coils type;
“04986”— Annual serial numbers;
 “A”— Volume A products after sliting the parent roll ;

Overall Meanings:“No. 04986 M product produced in workshop E, volume A after slitting”