LongDing relying on the transportation advantages of the group, Luoyang Huasheng Logistics Co., LTD. ( is affiliated to Yichuan Electric Power Group. Established in April 2016, luoyang, an important node city of "One Belt And One Road" in China, is close to the national logistics artery -- jiaozhi railway, with convenient transportation. The existing special railway line provides a very convenient condition for bulk logistics. Yidian Logistics Industrial Park, located in Yichuan County, Luoyang city, is under construction. It covers an area of 106 hectares with a total investment of 2 billion yuan.
The first phase of the project, with an investment of 760 million yuan, will focus on warehousing and logistics and aluminum spot delivery, and build perfect facilities for warehousing and logistics and aluminum spot delivery based on the advantages of existing railway private lines.
The second phase of the project centers on warehousing and logistics, bonded land port, multimodal transport and comprehensive service, forming a large comprehensive logistics industrial park with perfect functions in the central region.Focusing on smart logistics, cloud distribution and distribution, and information services, the third phase of the project will build the largest aluminum spot delivery center in central China. After the completion of the project, the annual delivery of 3 to 4 million tons of aluminum, the annual turnover of 40 billion yuan.After the completion of the Yidian Logistics Industrial Park project of Luoyang Huisheng Logistics Co., LTD., it will build an aluminum spot delivery center in the central region, form unique characteristics of the park, build a logistics financial center, and provide perfect intelligent financial services for upstream and downstream enterprises in the logistics industry chain.