The company has 9 coating production lines, which can produce various specifications of hydrophilic aluminum foils with thickness of 0.08~0.2mm and width of 150~1400mm.
The coating production line currently has 3 1600mm wide coater, 6 1350mm wide coater, 5 slitting machines and 1 coater. The current product categories include 1100, 3102, 8006, 8011 alloy and organic and inorganic blue, gold, ivory and other colors hydrophilic aluminum foil.oilLongding has 1650 high-precision oil coating machine: the main production 3003 oil coating container foil, speed up to 600m/min, monthly production capacity of 1500 tons, can be cut 5-6 multiple specifications, its products are mainly used for high-speed rail, aircraft disposable meal boxes, by the majority of consumers recognized.