Luoyang Longding Aluminum Physical and Chemical Measurement and Testing Center was established in 2010 to measure and test all series of Longding products. The testing center is equipped with a comprehensive room, a chemical spectrum analysis room, a physical performance testing room, a measurement room, a raw material testing room, and a kerosene analysis room, with a bulding area of 1,000 square meters, and more than 40 technical testing personnel. We have advanced instruments and complete supporting equipments for different items and categories testing, with more than 150 sets of various experimental and measurement and analysis equipment, including 5 sets of large-scale imported equipment, such as photoelectric direct reading spectrometer, Fourier infrared spectrometer, Shimadzu tensile testing machine ICP, etc. with high efficiency.

At present, our testing projects include chemical components of various aluminum alloys, coal products, raw materials, rolling cooling lubricants, engine oil, gear oil, coating, physical properties, spectrum, gold and other related indicators, which can be carried out in accordance with international/domestic industry standards and customer requirements. And our testing level is leading the industry domestically.