Longding Aluminum in September orders have been full of production. The power of production and sales are sufficient.

"Up to now, Longding company has accepted orders of 27,000 tons, and the orders of continuous casting  and rolling coils have exceeded 1,000 tons. The remaining orders to be reviewed shall be arranged in October according to the situation..." On August 19th, the head of sales center reported the company's order undertaking situation in September at the morning meeting of aluminum processing Division.

Longding aluminum are trying to overcome the current outbreak, craftsmanship, mention the quality, safety and environmental protection, honest, brand, go all out potentialities and efficiency, and Longding adjusts product structure, according to market demand gradually increase the proportion of high value-added products, promote enterprise's core competitive advantages, keeping both production and marketing prosperous development situation, to ensure steady and healthy development of enterprises.

Until the end of July, Longding has signed contracts with more than 140 new customers at domestic and abroad this year.